Public Speaking Advantage will train your team to:


Deliver an impactful narrative under pressure.


Present new ideas to long-term clients, and


Master the technology of a great presentation.

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Group Training

 A company’s consistent internal messaging is achieved through proactive group training. It’s more than good business communications; it’s the best way to convey a company’s culture of beliefs, values, attitudes, and standards. Learn the action steps that allow each individual to see their role in the big picture, while promoting autonomy, self-motivation, and room for growth.

Soft Skills Training

Most new hires have underdeveloped soft skills. Increasing their recognition of teamwork responsibilities, listening behaviors, and work ethic is the foundation they need to adapt and thrive under pressure. Client-facing employees will benefit from role play that focuses on handling complaints, avoiding disconnects, and turning an experience into a win.


Management Communications

Any manager’s ability to clearly communicate with purpose and integrity is tested when resolving conflicts and delivering praise or criticism.
Time management, organization, and problem solving are essential skills for all managers and management teams. Managers need to learn the language that communicates consistency and dependability when talking up or talking down.

Leadership Training

 Leadership training requires keen insights into relationship building, motivation, decisiveness, and effect public speaking. Knowing your message is not the same as showing your message. Learn the subtle nuances of delivery that raise authenticity and illicit positive responses. Your voice, your appearance, and your presence should command the room and persuade at the highest level.

Presentation Preparation

 Most presentations are heavy on the content but lack a strong sense of direction. Public Speaking Advantage (PSA) will teach you how to “find the gold” by filtering information through your perspective to bring it into razor-sharp focus. Effective body language and stagecraft, along with mitigating public speaking anxiety, are top presenter’s priorities.


Voice Enhancement

 Enhancing your voice means getting more of your body involved. When speaking the same old way doesn’t cut it anymore, approaching your speech technique as a full-body expression gives you greater access to your true, natural voice.

Online Meeting Coaching

You need eyes and ears on the outside to show you the necessary steps to maximize your online meetings. The next normal requires an understanding of the challenges and the opportunities that face successful teams. Being consistent is the key, being impactful is the goal.

Accent Reduction

 Understanding the rhythm of American English is the key to reducing any accent. There are definitely shortcuts and exercises that will guide you to increased confidence in your delivery. The trajectory of your career depends on it!

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