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Presentation Skills You Need to Own For Continued Business Success

Presentations are the business communication scenarios where you have the most control and the most time to prepare. They also carry the most responsibility and the highest expectations. You not only have the responsibility of setting the tone for the presentation,…


Resolve to Fear No More in 2020 (Harness Your Fear of Public Speaking)

All speech for business is public speaking. The fear of public speaking can put an unnecessary ceiling on your business success. This fear is unnecessary, but it feels very real and very intense. It should because a fear of public speaking is real, and social anxiety…


People Skills – The Next Big Thing in 2020!

The biggest hiring trends of 2019 that will carry into 2020 are focused on company culture fit, empathy in the workplace, and interpersonal skills. Now that you know what companies want, what do they all mean? And how do you show employers you’ve got what they’re…

Advantage of public speaking

The Advantages of Public Speaking? It’s How People Do Business

There are many benefits to improving public speaking ability. They are advantages because public speaking is a part of all business communications. The ability to consistently speak with clarity and authenticity is an advantage in meetings, presentations, networking events, job interviews, and sales calls.

The Mindfulness of Speech - Part One

The Mindfulness of Speech – Part One

How we communicate reflects how we feel about ourselves personally and professionally. It is the basic need to relate and be understood. Anything that stands in the way of us speaking is, at best, frustrating and, many times, haunting and dreadful.

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