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We Help Civic Center Teams Win With a Public Speaking Advantage

Public Speaking Advantage (PSA) offers group programs, workshops, and private sessions that focus on improving any company’s business communications. Whether you have new hires that need soft skills training, teams that need to improve their management communications, or executives being groomed for the next level, PSA can show you the proven techniques for speaking with authenticity and impact.

Paul Geiger, author of Better Business Speech, is PSA’a lead instructor and program director. Paul has spent the past decade working with NYC businesspeople on improving their clarity and perfecting their delivery when under pressure. His singular approach of layering the physical and mental aspects of speech receives rave reviews from a wide range of professionals every year.

Your company’s internal and external messaging will benefit greatly from experiencing PSA’a hands-on, interactive training. All programs, workshops and sessions can take place at your Civic Center area office, at the NYC studio (near Bryant Park), or online.

To learn more, please connect at: or call 646-893-4414.

Just some of the services we offer our Civic Center clients:

  • Soft Skills Training
  • Public Speech Classes
  • One on One Sessions
  • Leadership Development Classes
  • Interpersonal Skill Training
  • Executive Training Programs
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Public Speaking Classes
  • Public Speaking Practice
  • Senior Management Training
  • Executive Training
  • Executive Leadership Training
  • Soft Skills Workshops
  • Leadership Workshop
  • Presentation Skills Training


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We Help Civic Center Teams Win With a Public Speaking Advantage
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What Are Civic Center Speech Coaching Solutions?

Lots of people will immediately state that public speaking makes them nervous as opposed to understanding the forces at play that create that uneasiness and the sensation that others are judging them. Paul Geiger’s Civic Center speech coaching solutions teach you exactly how to harness your anxiety of public speaking by assisting you comprehend why your body reacts with uneasiness and exactly how you can control it. Via individually customized sessions, Paul can educate you just how your voice, words, look, as well as presence can engage and persuade an target market.

Paul provides three particular speech mentoring particular niche solutions to aid you come to be a more certain as well as reliable presenter:

Media Trainer – Find out how refined shifts in body movement, placing on the stage, and posture can make all the difference when dealing with an target market.

Speaking Coach – Master the delivery of your words with Paul’s speaking coach service that reveals you how to approach your speech method as a full-body expression. You’ll learn how to decrease an accent as well as how transforming the rhythm and pitch of your voice can give your words their authentic meaning and also drive home your message.

Speech Writer – Discover just how to write speeches that contain the ideal words as well as messages that utilize human listening actions. You’ll uncover how individuals listen to and also refine words in a public speaking setting and exactly how you can use this knowledge to your advantage when composing a speech.

PSA’s services are a triple threat to public speaking anxiety and also will aid you show up much more confidently in all aspects of your life.

Best Speech Coach in Civic Center

If you do not feel interesting or powerful when communicating with an audience, your confidence can truly take a tumble. It can be specifically difficult if public speaking or giving presentations is an integral part of your career.

A great speech coach can reveal to you the action steps that will lead to enhancement. Quit duplicating the very same talking errors! Master your nerves and grasp your regular delivery. Whether it’s on-site, in the studio, or online, Paul’s personalized method obtains results.

Via exercises as well as individual training sessions, our Civic Center speech coaches will show you exactly how to change as well as control your voice, develop influential body movement, discover your natural speaking voice, and enhance your speaking throughout impromptu situations.

Top Civic Center Public Speaking Classes

Lots of folks have a fear of presenting and public speaking. Merely the thought of having lots of people watching you and the burden of engaging a large group can be very daunting. However, public speaking is a fantastic ability to master and may increase your career opportunities as well as helping you have an affect on others, whether you lecture to audiences regularly or give sales presentations occasionally.

Doing public speaking classes is the easiest way to get over your public speaking fears. You will improve your speaking skills and learn about the significance of making eye contact with people. Courses for public speaking are plentiful all over the New York City area. These public speaking classes are taught in person so you’re able to actively practice and interact with others on the spot. You are going to learn how to establish a self-confident, calm speaking voice and the use of body language to deliver fearless presentations and pitches. Professional coaching classes will assist you in preparing and delivering your material in the most effective way.

Contact Public Speaking Advantage to learn more about my public speaking workshops for anyone from business professionals to top executives. No matter if you’re just starting out or need a refresher course in public speaking, you can expect to leave a PSA session feeling a great deal more self-confident when it comes to public speaking opportunities.

Experience Our Top Quality Presentation Skills Training in Civic Center

Mastering effective presentation skills entails far more than simply speaking about Powerpoint slides. For you to create a great presentation, you have to know how to engage your audience, speak confidently, and recognize precisely when to make use of correct visual aids.

These kinds of skills don’t always come naturally to business executives and professionals, which explains why you could benefit from some presentation skills coaching. Public Speaking Advantage can teach you or your employees ways to develop your slide design, speaking skills and presentations to have the desired effect anytime you speak in front of a target audience. We can come to your office or workplace to run presentation skills onsite workshops or train you online or in our studio in New York City. Conveniently we offer presentation skills lessons for intense training together with “tune-up” training that will help you get up to speed with your presentation skills. We will deal with the different delivery options and help you to design pitches and presentations so they flow in a natural way.

You can expect to immediately feel more self-confident each and every time you are faced with a slide presentation after taking our presentation skills courses. Contact PSA to learn more info on our corporate presentation skills courses, and precisely how you can become a more motivating presenter.

Soft Skills Instruction for Your Team in Civic Center

Most folks have heard of “hard skills”. These are the skills we master through education or practical experience, and they are the ones we have got listed on our resume. However, are you aware what soft skills are, and why they are so important?

Soft skills are interpersonal or people skills affecting our capacity to interact with other individuals and apply critical thinking in the modern work environment. And while they don’t come easily to everybody, the great thing is they can learned and nurtured. Soft skills training will demonstrate the power of active listening, employee engagement and people skills in addition to other social skills. The outcome is usually better employee retention and a more cohesive workplace.

Public Speaking Advantage offers soft skills classes that help you and your employees cultivate a positive attitude and emotional intelligence to work better with others and create a great relationship with clients and customers. Our company offers the most effective soft skills workshops on the market, which can take place at our studio or your place of employment. We’ll show you everything there is to know about the significance of soft skills from top to bottom, or simply fill in the gaps in your soft skills capabilities. Call us today to schedule a training class to help your staff discover these crucial interpersonal skills.

Leadership Instruction and Training for Executives in Civic Center

Successful leaders are not created in a day, and being a great leader is more than just having good business skills. It involves building confidence in your employees, finding new ways of inspiring people, and improving your methods of communication so that you can inspire others and dissipate disputes in the workplace.

The leadership development package at Public Speaking Advantage helps you to become a lot more positive as a manager across all organizational cultures. Our leadership training classes address everything from using the correct body language when conversing with a group to critical thinking when negotiating. We’re going to help you understand your optimal approach to management and use it successfully at your corporation. We teach business skills to prospective leaders or top executives who simply need to brush up on their leadership skills.

Mastering leadership training opens you up to new prospects and roles within your corporation and helps to have an edge over other job candidates. We provide various training courses. Our workshops in leadership training can be taken online, at your workplace or at our studio in New York City. Speak to PSA to discover more about our corporate leadership training classes and exactly how they can supercharge your management technique.

Develop Your Interpersonal Skills For Greater Business and Life Achievements

Interpersonal skills are invaluable to have in the working environment irrespective of your business. A form of soft skill often called “people skills” or as possessing emotional wisdom, interpersonal skills focus on active listening, body language, eye contact, and more to assist you in connecting and communicating better with anyone that you make contact with in the course of your day. Some examples of interpersonal skills include things like clear communication, showing empathy and practicing self-awareness.

Professional interpersonal training can show you the way to improve these skills to work better within a team and become a more efficient manager. Having better social skills can assist with team building, conflict resolution, and engaging with awkward workmates and clients. Developing your interaction with other individuals can stimulate a more positive work environment, create better employee engagement and increase productivity.

It is never too late to learn or improve your soft skills. Public Speaking Advantage provides corporate interpersonal skills workshops and classes that can be held at your workplace, online or at our dedicated studio in New York City. Public Speaking Advantage has helped business professionals of all grades develop their verbal and non-verbal communication skills to connect effectively with people in their corporation. Contact us today to learn more about our interpersonal skills training.

About Civic Center, NYC

This is a lower Manhattan area encompassing One Police Plaza, New York City Hall, Foley Square Court Houses, Metropolitan Correction Center and surrounding area. Government-related activities are predominant here. Other activities that happen here are entertainment, warehousing, industrial, cultural and residential. The FBI New York office is found here. The area has around 20,000 residents. A few of the non-governmental buildings include Park Row, Southbridge Towers, 105 Nassau street and many more. One of the world’s tallest residential buildings is found on Spruce Street here. It also houses trinity church, the city hall park- the site of rallies and the worlds largest cemetery for African descent people- the African burial ground national memorial. It is the starting center of a number of newspapers like New York Tribune, New York sun, New York tribune, the revolution, the daily people and many more. This area was the pioneer of yellow journalism.

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