To persuade someone is actually to allow them to make a decision. You can’t force them to decide; that would be coercion. You can use your speech technique to deliver a compelling narrative that your listeners can relate to. In your Public Speaking Class you will be made aware of the essential Seven Steps, and then be drilled on the importance of not leaving any of them out. You will never reach your desired level of Executive Presence without them.


1 – Breathe For Authenticity


Don’t be afraid to expose your deliberate breathing to your listeners. The body language of deliberate breathing sends a message of thoughtfulness and importance. You will be perceived as truly considering your words! When the level of your perceived commitment is high, you will be taken more seriously.


2 – Gesture For Commitment


Comfort and ease with gesturing not only increases your perceived level of commitment, it increases your comfort by grounding you in your body. Coordinating your gestures with your breathing aligns your body with your spoken thoughts in a very powerful way.


3 – Integrate Your Agenda


Dare to dream big. Ask yourself, “What do I want from this particular interaction?” Become aware that, to be truly successful, something you believe in will have to be revealed. Just living up to other’s expectations is not enough. Executives have a vision of the bigger picture and where their perspective fits into it.


4 – Clarity and Impact


Politicians have bumper stickers. They use them to help us believe that we know where they stand. Bumper stickers are bold and clear statements that must be spoken out loud. One bumper sticker does not fit all interactions. They can change, but not during an interaction. Executives (and politicians) understand that it is more important to your success to communicate clearly than it is to be flexible. There can be time for flexibility later.


5 – Present a Strong Framework


Think of presenting a strong framework as building a doorway. How you deliver your message determines the strength of that door frame. Commitment is even more important than logic. Your listeners’ consideration is their acceptance that the door is solid enough to step into. Make sure you step back to allow individuals to enter.

Build it, and they will come.


6 – Recognize Body Language


Trusting your speech technique will allow you to recognize and interpret your listeners’ body language. Several levels of permission and acceptance can be detected by paying close attention to subtle facial expressions, gestures, and eye contact. These signs will tell you how well your listeners relate to your words. Confidence in your speech technique will allow you to observe without anyone knowing they are being watched.


7 – Build On Active Listening


As a good leader, how you listen will also always be on display. The awareness and the energy to not falter is crucial in developing your Executive Presence. Your eye contact, facial expressions, posture, and gestures must communicate that you are “in the moment” and engaged. Show the same respect when listening that you expect from others when it’s your time to speak.