What’s the fastest way to raise your senior-level visibility? Executive Public Speaking Training. My favorite definition of executive presence is a speaker who sounds like they know where they’re going and are willing to take their listeners. Your ease of delivery and commitment to the words you’re speaking give you the presence that makes it easy for people to follow you.

That sounds like a tall order. So, what’s holding you back? It could be several things. You may shy away from the spotlight because of a lack of confidence or fear of public speaking. You may not be presenting yourself or your ideas with the right amount of clarity and engagement. You also may not be aware of repetitive speech habits that are eroding your credibility. Public Speaking Training for Executives addresses all of these issues.

Projecting Confidence

Over 50% of your message is conveyed through your body language. The bonus is that strong body language will also help to mitigate public speaking nerves. Your Public Speaking Trainer will adjust how you stand and move, the eye contact and facial expressions you make, and the gestures you use, so you’ll be projecting confidence and commitment when speaking.

Right To the Point

Being clear is a big obstacle. But if you present a strong framework, right in the beginning of speaking your ideas, you will pique your listener’s curiosity, give them a roadmap of anticipation, and allow them to follow you and stay engaged.

Public Speaking Training will show you the benefits of using a strong framework to help keep you on track. This allows you to follow your impulses and your intuition. When you unblock your flow, you can speak in an authentic way that signals you are truly present. Nothing commands more attention or exudes as much confidence as being in the moment with the people you interact with.

Follow Your Compass


Everyone is at the center of their own communication compass. To the north, you have your boss or your supervisors. Below you to the south are the people who report to you. On one side, you have your peers, the people you work with, and on the other, you have your customers.

Your messages will vary slightly depending on the audience you’re speaking to. Always take a moment to determine “what’s in it for them?” This will bring you to the three most important things you must bring to their attention. It will also keep you from getting lost in too many details and losing your listeners.

Whether you want to stay on top of your game, or get noticed for that next promotion, Public Speaking Training For Executives will give you skills and confidence you need to compete and win. Don’t make your career wait until it’s too late.