Meetings and conference calls are an unfortunate obligation of every business person’s weekly (if not daily) routine. If you desire to promote yourself and your ideas, you have to not only show up – you have to speak up. First impressions and subsequent perceptions tend to last. Feeling that you haven’t met your expectations or potential can be frustrating. Public Speaking Training is the way to turn meeting blues into meeting brilliance!


When Do I Jump In?


Sometimes a segment of a meeting is your responsibility; other times you simply need to look for your opportunities. Your comments can often feel like they are coming out of nowhere, interrupting the current flow of dialogue. The anticipation of that sudden rush of attention when it’s your turn can also hold you back from participating.


First, you need to permit yourself to retrace. The perfect moment never shows up on its own. You have to reference something said earlier and then launch into sharing your perspective. You must leverage your body language never to feel like you’re starting in neutral. By leaning forward, using solid gestures, and making good eye contact, you’ll be projecting a strong commitment to your point.


Boldly Get Your Point Across


Your job at meetings and conference calls is to share your perspective and make your point. Unlike many other business scenarios, there is no room for “hedging your bets.” Decide on a strong opening statement from your perspective on the topic. Your Public Speaking Training will teach you to discover and deliver your opening statement called a Bumper Sticker.


Good gesturing technique is critical to making a strong point. Punctuate the words you want to emphasize with a gesture. Hold that gesture until the impulse for the next gesture comes along. This will send a visual message of commitment to what you’re saying. Your listeners will be more inclined to consider your perspective.


Assume Positive Over Negative


In those moments when “all eyes are on you,” it is nearly impossible to determine if you are being judged positively or negatively. The looks on your listeners’ faces will never give it away. Good Public Speaking Training will teach you to consider that ambiguous stare that you see as a curiosity. They are waiting to hear you explain the bold statement you’ve just made. It’s far too easy to slip into negative perceptions when uncertain. Don’t take the easy way out. Always choose to be bold and positive about sharing your perspective.


Signs of Success


Remember, there is no counterpoint without a point.  Anyone voicing disagreement with you is a signal that you have succeeded! Always give yourself credit for the small wins at meetings.